Orson De Witt It's-a me, Mario! It's me, Orson, the developer of Egypt: Shattered Order. If you want to get in touch - and any tips, suggestions and criticisms are highly appreciated - there are many ways to do so.
You could write me an e-mail: dev@orsondewitt.com
Alternatively, you could head over to the Discord server for a quick chat: https://discord.gg/amMNE4x
And there is also a subreddit for you to share your thoughts with the community: https://www.reddit.com/r/OrcinusGames/

Egypt: Shattered Order is looking for UI/UX designer and 2D artist to complement the narrative adventure.
If you know someone who also has some Ancient Egypt-themed art in their portfolio, please make sure to share this page with them. Thanks!